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Marco Antonio Oliveira | Santos - São Paulo
Ligado na 61-Blues !!!
61 Blues 10/09/2023 14:13Obrigado e continue na audiencia!

Ricardo Nascimento | Goiânia - Goiás
61 Radio is the best of the best radio in world. Thanks for all
61 Blues 13/08/2023 08:47Thank you for your nice words! 61 Blues strives to always provide great blues musicians of all time to our listeners around the world. Stay tuned and spread the word to everyone who likes the good and old blues!

Arend, aca AJ | Hamburgo - Alemannia
Holla! Greatings Tor Brasil! Nice radio program, listening 61 Blues since several US Broadcaster do not continue streaming in Europe on webradios. Found you by accsident and happy about the tunes you broadcasting. Ladies sing the Blues are my personal favorite. So more so so offen so better my little wish. The lovely warm voices of Angela Strehli, Candy Cane RIP, Debby Coleman RIP and all the other friendly ladies from Austin, Houston, Chicago etc who perfomed live in my hometown! Pls continue your streaming! Best and warm regards from Hamburg/Germany.....
61 Blues 04/06/2023 06:00Thanks for reaching out and for your encouraging message! Since you accidentally found 61 Blues, look no further because you will be in good company with this juke joint streaming 24/7 and commercial free from Chicagoland area. Stay tuned because in addition to the female singers mentioned by you, there are many more. Enjoy 61 Blues and spread the word!

Douglas Dias Franciosi | Monte Alto - SP
Sensacional programação, abraço a todos
61 Blues 30/10/2022 08:02Obrigado Douglas! Mensagem como a sua é o que faz a 61-Blues buscar e sempre trazer 24/7 o melhor para os ouvintes! Continue ligado e espalhe por aí, que o melhor do blues está aqui na 61!

Andréia de Icaro | Blumenau - Santa Catarina
A noite sempre escutamos essa rádio . Nosso happy hour favorito. Saudações do sul do Brasil !!!
61 Blues 19/10/2022 11:46Obrigado Andréia por compartilhar que o seu happy hour tem a trilha sonora da 61 Blues e saudacoes a todos de Blumenau!

Leandro Vaz | Americana - São Paulo, Brasil
Essa rádio é sensacional, parabéns aos desenvolvedores
61 Blues 04/09/2022 08:21Obrigado Leandro pela audiência e espalhe por aí que a melhor radio de blues da web está aqui na 61 Blues!

Volker Tempel | South Germany - DE
Hi, you‘re doing so well! I used to listen Aa*****k Radio, but you guys are even better! Nice music to play along with my Fender Strat. Greetings from South Germany.
61 Blues 17/06/2022 10:16Thank you! 61 Blues is honored to have you on our list of lovers of good blues! Spread the word in south Germany!

Franky Bruneel | Bruges - Belgium
Congratulations for your variated and top selection of true blues! Warm regards from Back To The Roots, the blues magazine in Belgium & The Netherlands
61 Blues 23/05/2022 18:40Thank you for your feedback! Fee free to spread the word among your readers! Cheers!

Franky | Bruges - Belgium
Congratulations for your fine variated selection of true blues. Best regards from Back To The Roots, the blues magazine in Belgium & The Netherlands
61 Blues 10/09/2023 14:15Thank you! It’s messages like these that keep 61 Blues going, spreading the old and good blues all over the world!

Klaus | Frankfurt - Alemannia
vocês é absolutamente o melhor, bonito que você existe
61 Blues 28/03/2022 19:42Danke! Sehr aufmerksam!

Sean | Verfeil Sur Seye - France
The very best radio station in the world. Thank you
61 Blues 07/11/2021 13:30Thank you/ Merci!

Sean | Verfeil Sur Seye - france
The best ever radio station. Just never stop playing the blues. I live in deepest France and I listen at every opportunity. Thank you a thousand times
61 Blues 07/11/2021 13:29Thank you very much! And spread the word in France: 61 Blues plays the best blues! Merci!

Ulises | Buenos Aires - Argentina
Hola saludos desde Argentina para todos los bluesmen and women y blueskids 👌👌👌
61 Blues 07/11/2021 13:44Your message is very important to 61-Blues! A special thanks to you and to all our listeners all over Argentina 🇦🇷!

Abrenuncio | Lisboa - portugal
From portugal the best radio in world thanks
61 Blues 07/11/2021 13:43Thank you for contacting 61-Blues! Saudações to all our listeners in Portugal!

Alan Ryan | Melbourne - Australia
Listening to you from Melbourne, Australia. Great station, great music. Thanks.
61 Blues 07/11/2021 13:41Thank you for listening this cyber juke joint! Greetings to all listeners In Australia 🇦🇺!

Fabian | Washington - DC
Hello 61 Blues!! I am texting you because my uncle Roberto Aybar loves your music. He listens every day from Patagonia in Neuquen, Argentina. I would really appreciate if you can say hi to him in your radio program. Thank you 61 Blues, the music selections are fantastic!!! Fabián ( I live in DC)
61 Blues 07/11/2021 13:38Thank you for your message and a special thanks to you uncle in Argentina. Saludos!





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